Monday, July 4, 2011

Update On The Move To Forbes

Things have started off swimmingly with my move to Forbes.  I have put up three posts.  The first was on the tax implications of New York marriage equality, the second on a decision about the constitutionality of the insurance requirement in health care reform and the third about CCA that talks about bloggers as maybe being part of the new media. The health care post has generated a huge number of hits.  No comments yet.

A couple of more senior blogspot tax bloggers have noted my following Taxgirl over to Forbes. I think I detected a tinge of envy in their posts on the subject.  Joe Kristan has indicated that he will never sell out, unless the price is right.  The Wandering Tax Pro indicates that he is available at the right price.

My current plan is to keep this site going on a Tuesday Thursday basis along with any guest posters I can entice.  I'm not sure guest posting works with Forbes.  If you have been thinking about doing a guest post for me, it is worth noting that at least in the short run, my move to Forbes has increased traffic to this site, because I link to my previous posts.

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