Wednesday, July 20, 2011

This Is Now The Place For Hard Core Tax Geeks

There are few things more self absorbed than blogging about your own blogging, but I'm going to do it anyway.  I suppose I could whine about how badly sunburned my feet got while I was on vacation.  I was thinking of putting up pictures, but that would probably get me banned.  I hope it would anyway.  At any rate, my pithy humorous posts are all going up on the Forbes platform .  That will be keeping me pretty busy for a while.  I may write some longer pieces that I post here at sometime in the future.  In the mean time I am putting up the original source material that I find interesting.  I try to look at almost all federal tax authority so if you don't have time to do that yourself you can come here and get raw undigested cases and rulings that I think are of interest.  Some greater or lesser percentage of them will end up in Forbes posts, depending on my whims and the demand of my day job. I will also continue to post the Boston Tax Institute material .  I'm sorry about falling so woefully behind on that.  I'm still inviting guest bloggers.  This site now gets more traffic since I switched my main focus to the Forbes platform since most of my Forbes pieces link here.  I find formal citations don't fit will with the Forbes posts I'm doing so I will link to the original source material I have posted here.  So if you've been thinking about getting me a guest post get with it.

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